Whether You Should Follow the 80/20 Diet or Not?

Diet Food

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We all have specific health needs that work best for us and it’s always good to work around a diet that we can enjoy and also stick to. A sustainable eating-pattern always works better, than a short-term restrictive diet. You’ve probably heard of myriad diet plans like the Atkins diet, Gluten free diet, Vegan, and 80/20 diet. Here are some insights on the 80/20 diet plan. Continue reading

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Fiberous Weight-loss Foods to Swear By

Diet Foods

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So are you trying to lose weight but don’t know what to do and eat? Apart from regular exercise, diet also plays a major role your journey to weight loss. Keep reading to know more about the foods that you must have in your regular diet to achieve your desired weight.

1)  Broccoli


Broccoli. Credit: Public Domain

Broccoli should be boiled lightly in order to retain its fibrous content. Broccolis are a very good source of fibre as they contain approximately 2.6 grams of fibre per 100 grams. You can also try other fibre-rich vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, spinach, etc.

2)  Oats


Oats. Credit: Public Domain

Oats are the most popular weight loss foods in today’s age. Oats provide a high dose of energy and fibre to keep you active throughout the day with very less fat content. Oats for breakfast is a great way to start your day.

3)  Fresh Figs


Figs. Credit: Public Domain

Fresh figs are great for losing weight as they provide that much-needed dose of vitamins and minerals without being heavy as four figs may only cost you 189 calories. Add them to salads, oats or munch them as a snack.

4)  Guavas

You might be surprised to see guavas listed here, but they too are packed with fibre and as an additional bonus brings the goodness of fresh fruits.

5)  Pomegranate Seeds


Pomegranate. Credit: Public Domain

They come with phytonutrients and make up for an exotic snack when hunger strikes. You can also get them in their pre-peeled form to avoid any stress.

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Surprising Health Benefits of Jackfruit


Jackfruit. Credit: Flickr / Rex Pe

The jackfruit is a giant fruit packed with high nutritional values. It is being considered as a functional food, both for its taste and health benefits. It can be eaten fresh and raw or consumed as chips, jams, curries, and juices. Continue reading

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All About Eating Fruits the Right Way

Credit: Public Domain/jill111

It’s a customary tradition of most families to have fruits after dinner or even with their meals. Fruits are an essential part of our diet but there are many misconceptions regarding the way and the right time to consume them. People have many questions like, can fruits be eaten as desserts? Or should they be eaten on an empty stomach first thing in the morning? Continue reading

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Super Food Avocados: Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts



Avocado is a delicate fruit that is popular for its light nutty taste and creamy and velvety texture. The light appetising fruit belonging to Lauraceae family is popular as a snack, chunky guacamole, or dessert. Avocado, the stone fruit, is bestowed with healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and is a nutrient-dense food with around 20 vitamins and minerals. Continue reading

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Should Dinner be Skipped For Better Health or Weight Loss?


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Dieticians have absolute diverse opinions on this subject! Medically it has been proved that skipping dinner is not a good habit. It is advisable to have a properly planned diet at night. Just like an automobile requires gasoline or any other fuel to run, one has to understand that the food is a fuel for the body which nourishes and maintains it. It is also must for any creature on this earth to be alive.   Continue reading

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Diet for Overweight Children To Maintain Healthy Weight


As a parent or caregiver, you will always be concerned about your child’s well-being. Overweight children or obese kids may suffer from low self-esteem and depression, and there are many other problems which may develop like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more.

What can you do to help your child maintain a healthy weight? You and your family are key players in improving your child’s eating habits. Here are some healthy diet ideas for overweight children.

Healthy Foods for Overweight Children

Credit: Public Domain/Silviarita

  • Consume balanced portions of whole grains (like brown rice), fruits, and vegetables.
  • Include poultry, seafood, beans and peas, soy products, and lean meats eliminating meats that are high in fat.
  • You can avoid whole milk or cream and include fat-free or low-fat milk or milk substitutes (like soy beverages.)
  • Though, ice cream, milkshakes, or soda and drinks with added sugars could be your child’s favourite gradually replace them with fruit and vegetable smoothies prepared with low-fat yoghurt.

Basic Rules

Credit: Mandarin/MD

  • The diversity in food excites children so add some multiplicity in the colour, texture, and flavours. You can include orange colour (carrots & squash), green colour (lettuce & broccoli), and so on
  • Make sure that the breakfast is not skipped. Consider some healthy choices like fresh fruit or oatmeal for breakfast.
  • It is nice to have regular meals at scheduled times.
  • You can also avoid dining out.

Healthy Snack Options

Turn to healthier snack options like natural juices, milk substitutes with added calcium and Vitamin D, or even some popcorn without butter.

Be creative in your approach and come out with healthy diet ideas, which will help your obese child to reduce the weight.

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Best Foods for Healthy Kidneys

Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers Credit: Public Domain/Pexels

Healthy kidneys are important for detoxifying your body, removing wastes, and your overall well-being. Continue reading

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Foods You Should Eat To Improve Thyroid Function

Berries, strawbetties

Berries, strawberries

Suffering from a chronic thyroid problem? There are millions of individuals who endure thyroid problems like hypothyroidism, which is attributed to environmental toxins, chronic stress, inflammation, gluten, and poor diet. How do you improve the thyroid function? We have rounded up some of the foods you should eat to improve the thyroid function. Continue reading

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Add Spices, Herbs in Your Food to Fight Diabetes


Credit: Creative Commons/dmcd7223

Nowadays, changed lifestyles, hectic schedules and improper diet has given rise to several health hazards. Diabetes is one such disease which is rapidly spreading all over the world. However, did you know that combating diabetes can be made easy if you maintain a good diet, have regular exercises, maintain a healthy routine and also add some simple essential ingredients to your food?  Continue reading

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