10 Benefits of Rose Water: From Antioxidants to Anti-Aging

Rose water, spaRose water works magnificently for skin and, we all know it. But do you know why it’s good and how exactly must you use it? From antioxidant to anti-ageing rose water benefits are aplenty thus, it’s proven as the best cure for most common skin issues we face. So, don’t worry if you are not aware of its usage and how to use it, we’ll tell you down here! Continue reading

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Brown Rice Syrup – Good or Bad?

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Modern diet comprehends the ill-effects of added sugar. Sugars can be placed usually under categories of glucose and fructose. It is also cited that large amounts from added sugar can have detrimental effects on health, so people use low-fructose sweeteners – like brown rice syrup.

What is Brown Rice Syrup?
Brown rice syrup is a sweetener that is derived from brown rice. It is thick and sugary syrup that is produced by exposing cooked rice to enzymes that break down starches and turn them into smaller sugars, then filtering out the impurities. The syrup is both vegan and gluten-free, which can also be used in baking and cooking to sweeten foods with fewer calories. However, it should be consumed in moderation, as two tablespoons of brown rice syrup are said to contain 110 calories and 25 grams of sugar.

Nutrient Content
Brown rice is highly nutritious, however, the syrup is said to be very high in sugar and has very few nutrients.

Fructose and Glucose
In the context of glucose content, brown rice syrup is known to have high glucose, which is a plus for the syrup. Glucose can be metabolised by every cell in the body, whereas fructose is known to be metabolised in significant amounts by the liver.

Arsenic Content
Arsenic is a toxic chemical that is found in trace amounts in foods including rice and rice syrups. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that the amounts are too low to be harmful. Nonetheless, it’s best to use brown rice syrup in moderation and completely avoid infant formulas sweetened with the syrup.

Glycemic Index
The syrup has a glycemic index (GI) rating of 98, as compared to 64 for refined table sugar and 96 for pure glucose. The syrup due to its GI value can cause the blood sugar to spike quickly.

In conclusion, for the modern dietician, the syrup can be a healthy sugar substitute however it should be consumed in moderation.

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Foods to Eat if You Have Hyperthyroidism

Dried Unsalted Nuts

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Hyperthyroidism (or overactive thyroid gland) is a condition when the thyroid produces a lot of hormone thyroxine. The condition can speed up the body’s metabolism and lead to sudden weight loss, sweating, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, or irritability. So if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism? Then apt medical intervention can treat the condition and a healthy diet can help in easing the symptoms.

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Top 7 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods to Try

Diet can have a powerful effect on cholesterol. Choosing your diet and including foods that can lower cholesterol and can also improve the health of your heart. Are you wondering which foods can help lower your cholesterol? Then keep reading to know which foods to include in your diet. Continue reading

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Two-Meals-a-Day to Reduce Obesity and Diabetes


mealIt is no doubt, that weight loss boosts a healthy lifestyle. And, if you are a Type 2 diabetic, then weight control can essentially lead to better control over blood sugar levels. You may have already discovered quite a few weight loss regimes, but the 2-Meals-A-Day plan assures scientifically recognised health benefits. So, what is ‘two-meals-a-day’? Continue reading

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D (aka the sunshine vitamin) is vital for one’s overall health. And, in the case you have been staying indoors away from the sun, or are following a stringent vegan diet, you may be at a risk of having vitamin D deficiency. Continue reading

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Can Excess Sugar Cause Depression?

Picture your little one getting cranky. One of the first things, you may do is to check is if he/she is hungry. It is a no-brainer that foods affect our mood and emotions and it also has long-term implications for our health.

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Best Foods to Relieve Constipation

Healthy Salad

Healthy Salad. Credit: Public Domain

Feeling constipated? It’s good to bring it up and take the right steps to relieve constipation with simple steps like altering your diet and lifestyle. After all, your health is important and constipation can be a huge pain. Continue reading

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Easy Tips to Beat the Common Cold

A common cold is considered the most regular illness in a human. It can spread from person to person; you can get this virus by encountering any surfaces that have been contaminated.

From a runny nose and stressful cough to a sore throat and fever or worse, the common cold always makes sure to turn our life miserable for days. The worst part is it can take place all over again within the same month. It is impossible to prevent the spread of colds completely. However, there are some remedies that can reduce the chances of getting infected with the virus of cold.

Common Cold remedies that work are:

Wash your hands:
It is the only best method that prevents the transmission of the virus in your body. You should frequently wash your hands, especially after shopping, going to the gym, at work or after spending time in a public place, it is crucial to keep your hands clean. Doing so frequently helps in destroying the viruses that you have acquired from touching surfaces used by infected people. Try to carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing hand wipes.

Avoid touching your face:
Try not to touch your face, nose or mouth with unclean hands while you’re next to someone with a cold. Avoid touching surfaces in public areas.

Do not share straws, cups or other personal items:
If someone in your friend group or family has a cold try not to use their belongings or share the same utensil till the time they did not get cure completely.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night:
Getting good hours of sleep at night helps to maintain your immune system and prevent you from catching a cold.

Reduce Your Stress:
Stress is known to suppress your immune system. Many studies have shown that people experiencing emotional stress are more likely to catch a cold due to their weaker immune system. Thus, try not to stress out much.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:
Having a healthier diet provide nutrition that can help your immune system fight off infections. Though there is not any specific proven food mentioned anywhere that will ultimately keep you healthy. It is just that good eating, exercising and adequate sleeping habits will boost your immune system and keep you fit enough to fight against the cold or other infection.

Drink lots of water: Drinking plenty of water will not only keep yourself from getting dehydrated; it also prevents dryness in your nose or throat, helping in avoiding cold. A man should consume 13 eight-ounce servings of fluids per day, and a woman should drink about 9 eight-ounce servings of liquids per day.

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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for People with Asthma

To have a fit lifestyle, a balanced diet is necessary and the same applies in the case of asthma. You just need a healthy eating habit to at least minimize the effects of asthma as there is no single vitamin, mineral or supplement can treat or cure asthma completely. Continue reading

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