Top Foods to Skip This Spring

Healthy Food

With springtime comes another season of celebrations and festivities. Easter holidays are packed with sweet and fatty food items especially during St. Patrick’s celebrations. Now while they may be good as an indulgence, overeating can also be a problem as well. Focus on healthy eating during spring so that you can enjoy your summer season later on. Continue reading

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All You Need To Know About The Best Sugar Type

Can you imagine your favourite cup of tea without sugar? Well, nutritionally, the sweet crystals are carbohydrates. The units of carbohydrates are said to be inclusive of fructose, glucose, and galactose. Continue reading

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Lip-smacking Weight-Loss Shakes For Better Health

Trying to lose weight? And, you are worried about spikes in blood sugar or decreased metabolism. The concerns are natural, and to put your worries at rest here are some weight-loss shakes that use high-quality ingredients, and taste delectable.

Tropical Shake
Tropical Shake
Tropical ingredients are exotic and rich in nutrients and this tropical shake is refreshing and is filled with protein and fibre. To prepare this shake, combine all the ingredients and blend for one minute. Continue reading

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Eating Oatmeal – Good or Bad?


With the increasing awareness in leading a healthy lifestyle and looking fit, a lot of people are turning to diets and making necessary changes in their eating habits. Likewise, oatmeal, while regarded as being a staple for weight loss should be taken with caution and necessary. Continue reading

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Top Healthfoods behind Natural Indian Beauty

India beauty

Credit: Flickr / Andrey Naumov

Who says you can’t eat your way to natural beauty? Healthy whole foods are not only beneficial to the body, but they have also played a role in maintaining the natural Indian beauty that we often envy.
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Top Healthy Foods for Natural Long Hair

Long hair

Credit: Flickr / Betsy Jons

Have you always gazed at the models in the commercial admiring their luscious, healthy locks? When they say, ‘you are what you eat’ it usually rings true. With the rise in the beauty standards, there has begun to be an increase in standards related to hair care.
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Popular Health Foods to Have in 2018

Credit: Public Domain/jill111

Healthy eating and taking care of your body has become more of a culture in recent times, allowing people to realize the high standard of living it affords. With healthy living comes good and adequate consumption of food, and the various fads and rumours surrounding each food item that plays an important part in a diet.

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Ayurvedic Foods to Protect Against Pollution

Ayurvedic Food

Credit: Flickr / Steven Depolo

With increasing rise in pollution, people are trying every conceivable method of trying to combat this deadly problem that has been plaguing the society. Despite modern innovations, it has been studied that fixing what we consume certainly plays a large part in helping fight against pollution. Continue reading

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Top Fruits for a Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

Having a good heart is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy and fit. While we all want to make sure that we look good on the outside, we have to keep in mind that the health is also determined by how you feel on the inside. Continue reading

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High Fibre Foods that Fight Belly Fat

Belly Fat

New Year has arrived and it is the start of everyone making a conscious effort to get fit and healthy. With people obsessing over their weight and body measurements, a flat and leaner stomach is seen on almost all weight loss programs.
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