Health Benefits of Organic Food

When it comes to organic food, everyone immediately agrees that it will have higher nutrition levels and less side effects vis-à-vis non-organic food. However, an in-depth knowledge should be necessarily procured before completely casting out conventional food sources.

Nutrition Levels & Health Benefits

  • Organic foods are said to contain more anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals compared to conventional foods that are great for our immune system and heart. People who are trying to improve or restore their health lives back to normal would certainly benefit from the richness organic food offers.
  • Moreover, students and kids consuming organic food are much more resilient to common health problems like flu, cough & cold, dental problems, fractures & sprains.
  • Organic food reduces a great level of toxic burden on our body thus contributing to a healthy frame of body & mind since traces of pesticides and harmful chemicals are not to be found in our body.
  • Some say organic food tastes better as farmers use natural fertilizers to boost their produce. Also, as the produce is sold locally, it is possible to access fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
  • Recent studies have shown higher levels of antioxidants in organic diets especially in those consuming organic vegetables and dietary produce.
  • Kids benefit the most as children consuming organic food have shown higher levels of motor and mental abilities compared to children exposed to food grown in conventional methods – pesticides, harmful chemical fertilizers et al.
  • Children, pregnant women and fetuses who are more exposed to pesticides are likely to show brain, developmental and behavioral disorders early in life.
  • Artificial flavorings and additives such as MSG, hydrogenated fat, and phosphoric acid are banned in organic produces resulting in less hyperactivity in kids, according to studies.

Environmental Benefits

  • Organic foods are grown with natural fertilizers such as manures, compost thus eliminating sources that pollute water, soil and air.
  • Using natural fertilizers and organic methods to enrich the soil, the farmers prevent soil erosion and maintain the natural balance of soil.
  • Water quality of sources is also preserved as there is no chemical runoff to pollute the rivers and streams.
  • No use of insecticides and controlling of weeds using natural methods also aids in less pollution of air, water and soil.
  • Farmers return back to nature’s original recipe of growing crops with organic farming.

Organic Meat & Dairy

  • Organic milk is said to contain more anti-oxidants, omega 3, CLA, and vitamins than non-organic milk. It is because organic cows are pasture grazed which results in better quality milk.
  • No antibiotics, hormone injections are given to livestock responsible for meat and diary products. Also, livestock disease is prevented using natural methods such as healthy diet, rotational grazing and access to outdoors.



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