Advantages of having organic food

Organic food is original food, grown by organic farming methods or organic gardening tactics. This kind of food is pure food that is bought, cooked and eaten originally. Studies conducted on the organic food reveals that it tastes much better than processed food.

This type of food is actually unprocessed food subsequently, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. There are many advantages of organic food. Some of them are discussed below:

Highly Nutritious: Organic food is not only good for human beings, but also great for animals, wildlife, and environment. It maintains soil and its nutritional values. Fruits and vegetables grown by natural farming contain more than 50% of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. This kind of food also has higher levels of disease fighting antioxidants.

Fight Diseases and Allergies: Foods which are grown by intensive farming contain harmful synthetic and toxic chemicals because they are produced by using industrial pesticides and fertilizers. However, organic food is natural food that is grown by synthetic chemical free method. So, it is safe for the consumption of animals and human beings. Toxic chemicals are very harmful for body. They are responsible for allergies and diseases. At times, the presence of such chemicals can cause deadly diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer. Therefore, everybody should encourage organic farming.

Absence of Genetically Modified Ingredients: One big advantage of organic food is that it doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients. Studies say that this kind of food has passed genetic modification test. No data about genetic modification has been found so far. Therefore, human beings have less chance of any side-effect.

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  1. samatha says:

    How do I know which is organic and which is non-organic food (vegetables or fruits).. is there any way to test it or recongnize it?

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