Skin Care Tips for Teens

As the teenage years arrive, you have probably started showing signs of hormonal changesĀ  as skin problems like acne breakouts, oily skin, etc start to surface. This is the time when one should start taking adequate care of their skin by imbibing proper hygiene and habits. Taking proper care of the skin doesn’t amount to spending hordes of money on fancy products neither it does involve a time consuming process. Daily skin care routines and maintaining a healthy diet will assure a great skin for the future. Understanding the skin type will help you decide which facial product and skin treatment suits you the most. The most important factor is realizing that each skin comes with its own unique advantages, problems and products to take care of it.

Habits to ensure a great skin:

  • Save your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. A sunscreen of SPF 15 should be the first beauty product on your list of essentials to protect the soft skin from the dangerous effects of the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Share this beauty tip with your friends as well of applying a sunscreen before venturing out in the hot sun. Don’t forget to reapply frequently!
  • Switch to a soap free facial cleanser. If the soap bar still occupies an important place in the bathroom, its high time you ditch it for a soap free facial cleanser, especially for teens with oily skin problems. Find a gel based cleanser that cleanses and moisturizes your face at the same time. These cleansers stop extra secretion of oil, thus preventing acne breakouts and pimples. Also, your face will always look fresh and healthy. Teens with dry skin should search for oil based moisturizer that will help them replenish the lost moisture while normal skins have non greasy, water based moisturizers developed for their type.
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! The statement may sound a bit exaggerated but that’s what it is. Teens with oily skin feel that oil equals moisture which is completely untrue. All skin types need a moisturizer to replenish their skin of the lost moisture and that includes oily skins. Depending on the skin type (dry, normal, oily or combination), buy a good quality moisturizer to apply every morning and night after cleansing. If you have an oily skin, a light oil free moisturizing lotion applied only in the morning is enough.
  • Weekly Mask and Exfoliator Invest in a skin mask which will open all the pores to deep cleanse your skin of all the impurities that have gathered deep down due to dust, pollution and regular wear and tear of the skin. Also, check for an exfoliator say a walnut based one that will rub off the dead cells of top layer of the skin bringing forth a fresh renewed layer.
  • Shooting away Acne If you are the ones with oily or acne prone skin, keeping the skin fresh and clean should be of prime importance. Wash your face daily with warm water and a gentle, acne special cleanser. Don’t touch your pimples but make sure to apply over the available benzoyl peroxide lotion/cream to reduce the breakout. Keep your hair clean and free of dandruff to avoid further infection of bacteria. Also, accessories like scarves, headbands, sunglasses should be kept clean and hygienic to keep bacteria at bay.

While teens with oily skin during their acne years may find it frustrating, these are the same people who develop wrinkles the last; after dry and normal skin. Being blessed with a normal skin is a dream for every teen for its prone to minimum skin problems as well looks and feels fantastic. Last but not the least, teens with dry skin should take care to constantly moisturize their face as it tends to look stretchy and dull if proper attention is not paid.

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  1. Anna says:

    Wow! Quite an informative post.. Now its easy for me to maintain my daily skin routine. Thanks a lot!

  2. Warts On Face says:

    I follow a similar routine as your article describes. I use all natural cleansers and moisturizers. The big name brand skin care lines have far too many chemicals.

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