Brushing time can be fun time

Getting your child to brush may seem a monumental task. You have to deal with evasions, excuses, tantrums and countless other obstacles before you win the battle. It can be tempting to give in to tantrums yourself at such trying times. The trick is to make brushing time a fun-time activity.

When to start

Dentist recommend brushing as soon as the first tooth appears. Small toothbrushes with a little drop of toothpaste are best for the job. If your child does not like the flavour of toothpaste at first, brush with a dampened toothbrush. You will have to start on flossing as soon as the second tooth appears to prevent cavities later on. Flossing is essential, especially for children who intake a lot of sugar and milk foods. Many have the habit of going to bed with a milk bottle or a sipper cup. This should be avoided as it is damaging to your child’s teeth. Night drinks should be kept minimum to water. Dentists recommend brushing your child’s teeth before bedtime.

The right way to brush

Simply brushing is not enough. You have to see that your child is brushing right. Toothbrushes with soft bristles are best. Position your child in such a way that gives you best access to his teeth. Sitting on a high counter in front of you or standing behind your child are some positions that give good access.  Setting a timer for brushing ensures good brushing practice while also makes it fun for your child. First brush the hind teeth and rinse. Repeat the procedure for front teeth. Then floss with a good quality dental floss. Good quality rinses are essential to maintain the health of your child’s teeth.

Happy brushing

You can sing fun songs while brushing and get toothpastes with their favourite flavors. Attractive toothbrushes in vibrant colours and topped with cool cartoon characters also add to the appeal. There are also brushes that come with self timers that would greatly appeal to children.

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