Eating Egg Yolks: Good Or Bad For Health?

According to majority of fitness enthusiasts and nutrition fanatics, eating egg yolks is not good for health. But in fact, it is a myth.

The doctors say that our body needs every kind of food and so no foods are dangerous or unhealthy if consumed in right quantity. All that matters is how much you eat!

Though the egg-yolks are notorious to provide high levels of cholesterol, our body needs some of it to form a basic part of cells, to regulate the hormones, to utilize Vitamin D and to help us digest food, say the doctors. It also contains lecithin which is a beneficial fatty acid that helps cholesterol move through the blood.

According to today’s health experts and doctors, our body needs cholesterol not more than 300 mg/day and a medium sized egg yolk has just about 180-190 mg of cholesterol. So, it is safe and healthy for those who are active and within the weight for their age and height to eat an egg per day.

But if in case a person has a genetic sensitivity for high cholesterol levels or he/she is already overweight with high cholesterol levels, then eating egg yolks should be limited to not more than 3 eggs per week.

Remember, egg whites can trigger allergies in children but not egg yolks. So, after checking the allergies, start the food intake with egg yolk and then proceeding to the egg white is advised for 9 month old baby as well!

The doctors also add that quality is also the key. Organic and pasture raised eggs are more healthy than those from factory farms. Eggs from factory farm lack the nutrition value. Quality eggs are rich with Omega-3 fatty acids which are indeed beneficial for heart.

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