Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea is one of the famous stimulants in the world. It is the most popular beverage, which is duly liked by everybody. From morning to evening, it’s a rare chance that you often avoid to drink tea. Whether it’s green tea, milky tea or a cup of strong tea, people consume it in many forms. Drinking tea is all the time advantageous, many of the proofs are mentioned below:

• Tea contains an element known as Flavonoids, which are good for vascular dilation. This helps improve functioning of the heart.

• Up to 21% of Ischaemhic strokes can be reduced by daily consuming three to four cups of tea.

• Green tea incorporates abundant quantity of Polyphenol, which can reactivate dying skin as well as prevents the body from the ravages of aging. One great benefit of drinking tea is that it can minimise the effects of pollution.

• Tea is rich in antioxidant known as Polyphenols, which have anti-cancer properties.

• Green and black tea is a major source of L-theanine, which relaxes the mind and helps concentrate on various tasks.

• The presence of fluoride can help in making stronger teeth. As well, regular drinking of tea can strengthen bones.

• Black tea boosts immune system plus the body’s capacity to fight against flu. It is an allergy fighter, which helps maintain good health.

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