Tea: One of the Healthy Drinks!

Drinking tea is an unhealthy habit, they say. But, the tea, especially the green one, if consumed at right time, in right amount and most importantly, if made in a right way has multitude of health benefits due to its high content of flavonoids.

Here are some of those studied, analyzed and proved by science about itsĀ  healthy benefits :

  • Green tea is the best food source of a group called catechins which are more powerful than Vitamin C and E.
  • Consuming green tea can reduce risk of skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon, esophageal, and bladder cancer.
  • Drinking green tea also helps balance the levels of cholesterol.
  • Drinking green and black tea also reduces possibility of heart diseases.
  • Green, black, and oolong tea are rich in antioxidants which can decrease the speed of oxidation and aging. In short, they do act as an anti-aging product!

Tea drinking cultures such as in China and India suggest that 3 cups of tea consumed in a day is the right amount. They also say that freshly brewed tea is the best. Drinking decaffeinated, instant, bottled or ready-to-drink tea has minimal health benefits as they lack healthy compounds.

If you want to start drinking a really healthy tea, here is the right method to prepare the one:

  • Put fresh, green tea leaves in boiled water
  • Allow tea to settle for three to five minutes that help bring out its catechins

Remember, even though you feel energetic after drinking a cup of tea, an excessive amount of tea is harmful for our health as it can hamper or disturb the process of absorbing iron from fruits and vegetables. But to overcome this, a remedy is to add lemon or milk to the tea!

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