Milk: A Whole Meal

Consuming at least 3 glasses of milk a day is considered as one of the healthy diet habits. It is one healthy drink rich in essential ingredients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cholesterol.
Various types of milk are made available for consumers. Here are some of them:

Whole Milk
Natural whole milk is milk with no ingredient added or removed.

Semi Skimmed Milk
Semi skimmed milk is the most popular among consumers as it has lesser fat content (1.7%) compared to whole standardized milk (3.5%)

Skimmed Milk
Almost all of the fat contents are removed in this type of milk. But, it contains more calcium than whole milk and lower levels of fat soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin A. Because of the lower level of fats in skimmed milk, the calorie content is also lesser and hence this is not considered good for the kids under the age of 5 years. But for those who want to reduce weight, skimmed milk is ideal.

Organic Milk
Organic milk is considered to be the healthiest as it is obtained from cows that are grazed on meadow with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or agrochemicals used on it.

Jersey and Guernsey Milk
Jersey and Guernsey milk has slightly higher amount of calories and fat than regular whole milk. It also contains higher amount of fat soluble vitamins, especially vitamin A which is essential for healthy development and growth. This type of milk is produced from Jersey or Guernsey breeds of cow and has a particularly rich and creamy taste.

Condensed Milk
Condensed milk is same as evaporated milk, but has added sugar. This type of milk is not sterlized but is preserved by the high concentration of sugar.

Untreated (Raw) Milk
Untreated milk is available for consumer usually at limited number of farm distributors. This type of milk sold via milkmen and the supermarkets needs to be heat-treated so that all the harmful bacteria are killed.

Due to its richness in ingredients essential for good health, milk is considered as a complete and balanced food for babies, kids and for young adults as well. Those who love milk could live on it!

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