Say No to Water During Meals

Do you drink water while eating? Leave this habit right there because it will affect your digestive system. According to the studies, drinking water while taking food ruptures your digestive system; in fact it aggravates your digestive problems if you are suffering from a stomach disorder.

Stomach secretes digestive juices when you eat food. If you drink water at the same time, then it dilutes digestive juices hindering the natural process of digestion. Doctors advise us to take water before meals or after two hours of meals. Sipping a little amount of water doesn’t affect your stomach, but you shouldn’t consume a glass full of water during meals.

Drinking water while eating also increases insulin levels, which results in accumulation of fats in your body. Doctors state that when you drink water during meals, the internal walls of the stomach absorb water and the absorption continues until it gets concentrated before digestive juices start breaking your food. This can result in less production of gastric juice intervening in digestion. Such a thing leads to acid reflux and heartburn. The undigested food leaks into your stomach system and also gets absorbed through the stomach walls. Avoid consuming salty food because it makes you feel thirsty while eating food. Chew your food properly even though you are in rush.

Image Credit: Creative Commons/Clementina

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