5 Tiny Tricks to Make Kids’ Breakfast Foods Attractive

Eating healthy is not what the kids think about! The look is what attracts them. So, no matter how unhealthy are the attractive foods on their plate are, they just jump with joy by just having a glance at them and cannot hold themselves back from munching on it!

Imagine how boring would it be, if just a simple fruit or a plain chunk of cheese is placed along with bread and some veggies before you as a breakfast? Would that attract you? Would you die to eat it? Certainly not! Then why expect kids to do so?

So, here are some tricks to makeĀ  healthy foods attractive and more compelling to be eaten at the first glance!

They say that food is enjoyed first by eyes, then by nose, and after that, it actually is eaten by mouth and then relished fully!

  • So, change the look! ‘Look’ is the most important factor. Cut cheese, slices of fruits into fun shapes with a cookie cutter and place them in the dish!
  • OK, if this is not enough, add splash of colors! Picking up foods with different colors will do the trick. Get those deep red cherries or strawberries, black olives or dark colored grapes, blue berries, yellow mango slices or orange oranges and white tofu cubes. Stick them together, same like kebabs and place the sticks on the plates!
  • Trust the trick: ‘Disguise at its best’! Slip or sneak in small chunks of fruits or veggies in pastas or muffins. You can also roll the veggies or chicken pieces in tortillas. And, do not forget to pour honey or any other sauce the kids love to lick or gulp!
  • Make the food items easy to handle and eat. Cut the sandwiches and tortillas in small pieces. This is another trick that works for sure.
  • And, last but not the least, try to involve the kids in the process of cooking, preparing the foods!

Image Credit: Creative Commons/Home Cooking Secrets

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