New Syringe to Reduce HIV Transmission

Regardless of strict warnings, needle sharing is still in use. It is a main cause for the growth of HIV and other infectious diseases among intravenous drug users. A new study published in the International Journal of Drug Policy revealed that simply changing the design of syringes can fix needle transmission.

A small amount of fluid traps in the dead space even if a syringe plunger is completely depressed. By reducing the size of the dead space, some researchers believe they can limit the amount of infectious blood trapped inside by a factor of 1,000. If the amount of infected blood reduces, then there is an equivalent reduction in the number of viral particles.

According to the studies, using a new type of syringe can decrease the spread of new HIV among intravenous drug users to nearly zero within 8 years. However, there are many barriers to face before making such syringes available to the world, and save millions of lives.

Image Credit: Creative Commons/Biggishben

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