Discover Why Mangosteen is the Queen of Fruits

pjxufvykMangosteen is the royal fruit suddenly hailed by the medical world as the ultimate all-organ healing, all-around health fruit. It has purple skin, with white edible flesh and almond-shaped seeds inside. Rare for most parts of the world, this purple wonder have long been used by Asian countries, where it is believed to have originated, to relieve inflammations, stop infections, and simply to enjoy the sweet and luscious white flesh covering the seeds.

Legend includes Queen Victoria requesting for fresh mangosteens, with 100 pounds sterling as reward, during 1930s. Outside Asia, the fruit is often utilized in gourmet dishes, as import trading from the Orient proved quite expensive for mass consumption.

Fresh, ripe mangosteens can be felt by slightly squeezing the whole fruit. If it’s too hard, there’s a good chance it’s been picked weeks or even months ago, and the inside flesh may not be sweet anymore. There may also be some rotting part or really hard, decaying mash of flesh and seeds. If you can squeeze it just enough, you can safely slice it or just open it with your hands. The seeds are not advisable to be eaten as it’s bitter. If it’s rightly ripe, some juice will drip as you open it, which is the best kind.

Modern health buffs, backed by medical research, believe in the numerous benefits from mangosteen consumption. These includes an added dose of Vitamin C, good blood flow circulation, and a boost in the immune system with its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties. It is also regarded to aid Alzheimer’s disease for memory improvement.

Mangosteen’s powder form is being developed to treat eczema, diarrhea, urinary infections, and other skin disorders. The queen of fruit’s popularity became widely known after it was processed into a food supplement, with promised benefits for skin and physical well-being. Acne, gum disease, regulating menstruation, stomach aches, and viral infections are some of the issues which can be eased by mangosteen extracts.¬†Xanthones compound, which strengthens cell walls, have the highest concentration in mangosteen fruits. Regular consumption of mangosteen juice, extract, or supplements can help with prevention of various cancer forms.

Whether you want to reap its health benefits, or simply want to sample its succulent sweetness, there’s no doubt why mangosteen was crowned the queen of fruits.

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