Happy Foods for You

Happiness is not in finding. It’s in simple things that can elevate your mood such as a good night’s sleep, laughing, sharing & caring, spending time with pets and meditation. But there’s more. Science has proven that people can be happy by eating the right kind of foods!

If you need a tad bit more happiness in your life, here are five foods to uplift your spirit.

Fruits & Veggies


A higher intake of fruits & vegetables is directly linked to psychological and mood-related behaviour. People experience a greater sense of calm, energy and happiness. These effects were not just for the days when more fruits & veggies were consumed, but also all through the following day. To boost your mental well-being, choose fruits and veggies first and the plan a meal around them.

Green Tea

Creative Commons/ Michalsjx

Creative Commons/ Michalsjx

Green Tea should be an imperative part of your lifestyle. It was found in a Japanese study that people who drank 5-6 cups of green tea per day suffered 20% less psychological stress than those who drank less than one. Green tea tastes great when incorporated into various cooking styles such as marinades, soups, smoothies and sauces. Or you could simply have it as a beverage.


Coffee & Beans

Research has shown coffee has both positive and negative effects on the body and mind. But regular, controlled java consumption has been linked to positivity. A cup of coffee in the morning was linked to an increase in energy, pleasure, and kindness. Coffee as a socially accepted drink was attached to affection, satisfaction, friendship, and good nature while a leisurely cuppa induced happiness, calm, and tranquility. Also, it has been noticed that women who consumed 2-3 cups of coffee a day were 15% less likely to develop depression in a 10-year span than those who drank less than one.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Most of us love chocolate, but many are unaware of its happiness benefits. The antioxidants in dark chocolate help your blood vessels to relax, improving circulation, and thereby lowering blood pressure. Eating an ounce and a half of dark chocolate reduces stress levels in highly stressed individuals. It contains magnesium, which is known to relieve PMS symptoms, including depression, fatigue and irritability. Finally, dark chocolate is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac.



Mushrooms are rich in mineral selenium, which doubles as an antioxidant. Those who are deficient in this mineral are at a higher risk of anxiety, depression and fatigue. Mushrooms are also the only source of natural Vitamin D, an important nutrient many of us not getting enough of. Those who increased their Vitamin D intake found that they enjoyed an enhanced mood.

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