Green Tea: A Home-Made Remedy

green tea

Originated in China, Green tea is associated with many cultures such as Asian, Japanese, South Korean and Middle Eastern. A variety of green teas available in the world depends on growing conditions, production processing, horticulture, and harvesting time. At present, many people are aware about green tea and its several health benefits. According to scientific and medical studies, green tea helps to reduce the risk of cancer, prevents rheumatoid arthritis and eliminates heartburn. It is also known for its high levels of anti-oxidants. It has become an integral part of home-made remedies which can solve your head to toe problems.

Weight Loss: As per studies, green tea is known for its property to cut overweight if taken in prescribed amount. Another thing is that you use natural ingredients which don’t have side effects. At present, many supplements available in the markets are prepared  by using green tea extracts.

Oral Care: As a result of medical benefits, green tea is widely used for oral care purposes. It is used to prepare homemade mouthwash which can reduce your bad smell, teeth decay and gum problems. Because of fluorine your teeth doesn’t decay and stays in healthy condition. Green tea can be mixed with other ingredients to give a flavor to your home-made mouthwash.

Skin Care: Green tea is the best solution to your ever-increasing skin infections. It helps to treat acne and eczema. Those who experience acne can take green tea as in prescribed form. They don’t need to spend lots on money in purchasing expensive astringents and skin toners. At times,  green tea ingredients are used to prepare a potion that can be applied to infected part on skin after thorough cleaning. Use green tea and decrease intake of caffeine in diet.

A regular intake of green tea can keep many diseases at bay. Make a habit of drinking the tea in your daily regime.

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