Healthy food for kids

Your little bundle of joy is not so little anymore and won’t eat the healthy foodstuff that you serve. To make sure that the kids get all the necessary benefits from the food, check out our list of foods that can help to build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Flaxseed:

    Credit: Creative Commons/Dvortygirl

    Credit: Creative Commons/Dvortygirl

The tiny flaxseeds come packed with the goodness of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for optimal development of the brain.  Flaxseeds can be grounded and added to breakfast cereals or added directly into the flour.

  •  Sweet Potato

The Vitamin A content in sweet potatoes is great for eyesight, which is great in today’s world where children are forever plonked in front of the TV. It also acts as an antioxidant providing further health benefits.

  •  Yogurt

    Credit: Creative Commons/Kliek

    Credit: Creative Commons/Kliek

Get plenty of good old yogurt into your little one’s diet, to get an added dose of calcium and proteins. Yogurt also contains the ‘good bacteria’ or the probiotics to improve the overall health.

  • Ragi

Amongst all the cereals Ragi contains the most quantity of calcium. It is also a very good source of iron, and if Ragi is allowed to be sprouted the Vitamin C content also increases. It can easily be made into porridges, cookies or breads.

  • Fruits

    Credit: Creative Commons/Daderot

    Credit: Creative Commons/Daderot

Each and every seasonal fruit is good for your kid as the fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals. They are also an excellent resource of fibre which keeps the digestive system healthy.

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