Be a Water Baby

Credit: Creative Commons/Jorge Barrios

Credit: Creative Commons/Jorge Barrios

One of the greatest and the simplest diet tips in the world is to drink more water. Our body consists of about 80% of water, so it is no wonder that water is the most important thing for our sustenance.

A normal person with regular physical activity must drink about 3liters or 8 glasses of water throughout the day, in order to keep fit and fine.

Read on to know more about the benefits of water in our diet.

1) Cell Health:
Water in the right quantity is vital for the wear and tear of our cells. And healthy cells are required to feel healthy and young.

2) Weight Loss:
Trying to lose weight? Then increase your water intake, as water makes you feel full very easily and also boosts metabolism.

3) Boosts Energy
Feeling drained? Then immediately have a glass of water, as water loss can result in dehydration which in turn hinders the process of supplying oxygen and other nutrients to the body.

4) Regulates Body Temperature
Another major advantage of water is, it helps to maintain a stable body temperature. It cools you down when when your body temperature is hot.

5) Good for Kidneys
As you know the main function of the kidneys is to remove waste products from our body. Water plays a main role in flushing out toxic waste from the body, which may cause various risks if let accumulated.

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