How to get the maximum goodness from your food

In the recent times people have become more conscious about the food they eat and the pills they pop. Many a times we do not feel energised or healthy even after having home cooked food or having a balanced diet. Let us dig deep into the matter and understand how food actually works.


1) The way in which we cook our food can affect its nutritional content as well as its ‘bioavailability’ i.e, its rate of absorption in our body. Some foods like fruits, nuts and vegetables like cauliflower, kale, spinach, peas, etc. are best when eaten raw, while beans or grains have to be processed to get absorbed.

2) It is also important to examine the way you store your food. Fruits should be kept at normal temperatures, but away from the sunlight. Vegetables must be wrapped in paper bags and then refrigerated, while most herbs should be frozen in ice-trays to keep them fresh and retain their nutrients.


3) While cooking eggs keep them in a glass full of water, if the egg sinks then it is good to eat. However, if it floats throw it away as it might not be fit for eating.

4) Pair foods that are compatible with each other, like pairing foodstuff filled with Iron with Vitamin C to improve Iron absorption. You can just add lemon to foods like spinach, lentils or kale.

5) Remember to keep your food as simple as you can endure, as not everyone can digest raw food.

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