The Pre Workout Food

We all know what to eat once we are back from our rigorous workout session, but many of us are still confused, and are not sure what to eat before you hit the gym. Check out five foods that can satisfy your stomach first thing in the morning, and also will not be heavy for the exercise. You can have any one of them to kick start your day.

1) Oats with fruits


A meal of oats with fruits will be a great start to the day as they are packed with carbohydrates and will ensure you feel full while exercising, as exercising on an empty stomach may do more harm than good.

2) Bananas


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Bananas are not just rich in carbohydrates which generate energy, they are also rich in potassium which comes in handy if you are suffering from muscle cramp and aching muscles.

3) Yogurt


Yogurt is full of essential proteins which can be used for the prevention of muscle damage. Adding a fruit like an apple or berries will increase it nutritive value further.

4) Eggs and nuts


Make it a habit to include two egg whites into your morning diet daily. Eggs will provide the necessary protein supplement which can help strengthen your body, and nuts will give the added energy that is needed during endurance training.

5) Delicious Smoothie


Waking up to a smoothie is the best thing you can do for yourself, but take special care that you do not add any extra sugar to it, natural sweeteners like honey or jaggery can also do the trick.


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