The Post Work out Food

As you work out, the body breaks down protein and glucose structures. Therefore, after you finish your exercise, the most important thing to do is to restock the nutrients that are lost. Check out some of the foodstuffs that can help you with it.

1) Breakfast cereal


Cereals are great as a snack for any time of the day but you can have them as a post workout breakfast to re-energies your body. The cereals are available in a large variety and are rich in fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. which are fabulous for the wear and tear of the muscles.

2) Whole-grain Sandwiches or Wraps


Nothing can be as fulfilling or healthy as a sandwich or a wrap stuffed with vegetables and cheese. This food can be most helpful if you have a habit of working out before your meals, like in the evening or pre-lunch. To make this even more delicious just add some chicken or your favourite beans to it.

3) Stir fry chicken


Most people who regularly go gymming swear by the chicken to complete their daily intake of proteins and other essential nutrients like Vitamin B. Simply stir fry some chicken slices with veggies and you are good to go.

4) Hummus


Hummus is great for vegans or for those who do not eat meat as it is a great source of proteins as well as carbohydrates and is made up of chick-peas. Have it with a whole-grain pita for maximum satisfaction.

5) Protein Shake


Protein Shakes are a great way to get a quick boost of energy and proteins. You can also make homemade shakes from fruits and milk.

The Rule

To summarize,   you need to know that our body mainly needs proteins and carbohydrates to build muscles, so if that is your goal you need to have at least 30 grams of protein and 30 to 35 grams of carbohydrates as soon as you finish your workout, basically within 15 minutes.


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