All That You Want To Know About Eating Rice


Rice is a food that is loved by a majority of people from all over the world and is also the most dreaded. It is the comfort food for many but is avoided as people feel it will make them pile on pounds.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits of including rice in your diet, and reinstate it to its former glory.

1) Non-Allergen

Rice is one of the basic foods in the world and does not cause any kind of food allergy. It is also free form gluten which is another advantage for the people with gluten intolerance.


2) High on Carbs

Rice being high in carbohydrates imparts lots of energy even if consumed in smaller quantity. It also helps that rice is low in salts and sugars and acts as an instant fuel to the body.

3) Low on Fat

Now, this one is important, rice is actually very low in fat content and does not cause you to gain weight. Instead, rice helps in digestion and proper absorption of the food.

4) Heart friendly

Rice bran oil is excellent for the health of our heart and is packed with antioxidants. On the other hand, it also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels by reducing the harmful fat content.


5) Vitamin Rich

Vitamins like Vitamin D, niacin, fibre, iron, thiamine, riboflavin makes rice a simple but nutritious food.

Rice is normally eaten along with curries or vegetables, making it a complete meal in itself. Just make sure the rice you eat is not polished or processed and is as natural as it can be.

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