Tips to Control Diabetes

Some people live to eat while some eat to live. However, for the food lovers who live to eat, it becomes a huge problem if they are suffering from diabetes. Here are few tips that will help you to control your diabetes and also maintain healthy sugar level. These tips are also beneficial for those who want to keep diabetes at bay.

Things you need to know about diabetes:

Among those changes, the most important are our eating habits. What you eat is as important as when you eat. Heading towards eating plant foods, green leafy vegetables and minimizing the intake of refined carbohydrates, sugary drinks are as helpful as sticking to your schedules of eating time. How much you eat is another factor that plays a key role in controlling diabetes. Even if you are very keen about you diabetic diet but you eat more than necessary just because you are a food lover and you can not resist having your favorite dish, it will lead you to gain weight which is not good for diabetes and all your other efforts will go in vain. So, monitoring the quantity of food you consume carries the same importance.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to avoid eating sugar and cut back on carbohydrates. You don’t even need to have a high-protein meal and think that you will have to have diabetic meals forever. All these are myths. Key to avoid all this is a proper planning of your food and a simple emphasize on whole grains, fruits, leafy vegetables.


Tips to control sugar level:

  • Smartly include sweets in your meal:
    When you have sweets on menu reduce or eliminate the carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, cereal, fruit, juice, potatoes, corn and flour products including bread. Replace soda with clear water, ice cream with a bowl of frozen fruits and a cake with a slice of your favorite cheese.
  • Keep carbohydrates balanced:
    Eat brown rice instead of white rice, whole-grain bread instead of white bread and steel-cut oats instead of processed cereals or instant oatmeal. Eat sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.
  • Stick to your eating time:
    Schedule your breakfasts and meals and strive to stick to it. Avoid skipping breakfast or any of the meals.  Eat small amounts of food at regular interval. Listen to your body, do not overeat just because you love the food.
  • Opt for healthy fats:
    Olive oil, canola oil, nuts, and avocados are rich in healthy unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids which fight inflammation and take care of brain and heart health. Salmon, tuna, and flaxseeds are the good sources.
    Enjoying a handful of nuts or seeds is far much better and healthier than eating cheese, chips or crackers.
  • Make your kitchen diabetes-friendly:
    Stock your kitchen with diabetic friendly food items. Place a fruit basket full of variety of fruits on the dining table. Keep a variety of nuts and seeds visible and handy. Cut back on full-fat dairy products, soda, red meat in your meals. Have fish and clear mineral water instead.
    Remove all tempting items such as pastries, candies, cookies, deli meats, fried foods and chips from your refrigerator, storage or shelves.

Start Exercising

Moving towards more physically active lifestyle helps control diabetes. Rising early and exercising daily will be helpful for you to control your sugar levels as whenever you use a muscle, fatty acids and glucose are burnt.

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