5 Good Reasons to Have Breakfast in the Morning

You become a believer when you experience positivity and benefits. It is not difficult to become a Breakfast Believer because the benefits are backed by in-depth research. The old platitude on having breakfast in the morning is true and a little effort in this direction spells good health.

The name ‘breakfast’ is quite reflective and resounds of breaking-a-fast. It is a good practice to eat within 2 hours of waking up which helps in metabolising glucose and blood sugar. This is reiterated by Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition Eric Rimm, Sc.D. on how a healthy breakfast increases the blood sugar levels. Here are 5 good reasons on having breakfast in the morning.

1. Risks lessened with your heart
Breakfast skippers are more likely to have a heart disease. Studies reflect on breakfast skippers being more likely to develop a heart disease. Eric Rimm reiterates that breakfast skippers could gain more weight, leading to high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes augmenting heart disease risks.

2. Minimise Type 2 Diabetes
Avoid fluctuating glucose levels which heighten diabetes with a nutritive morning meal. Studies centered on men and women (below the age of 65 years) skipping breakfast show chances of developing diabetes. Job stress is another factor which raises glucose levels.


3. Mental Sharpness
Breakfast believers have an improved memory, and an edge with attention spans, reasoning, creativity and speed of processing information.

4. Physically more active
Breakfast believers are more active. Having a morning breakfast causes a temporary increase in the blood sugar levels leading to being more energetic.

5. Reduced obesity
There is no conclusive connect between having breakfast and lessening obesity. A published study in the journal Obesity reflects on how overweight individuals who took to dieting lost more weight when they had more calories for breakfast than for dinner.

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