How Much Should You Eat Nuts Every Day?


Nuts and dry fruits are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, proteins and all kinds of goodness that nature provides. But do we really know how much to eat them and when to stop? Read on to get a better understanding regarding the portion that we must consume to get optimum benefits.

1) Pistachios


The Pistachios are packed with proteins, carotenes, oleic acid and Vitamin E, therefore are a favourite amongst health conscious people all over the world. But if taken in excess quantities can become hazardous to your body, around 20gms or 6-7 in quantities per day is more than enough.

2) Almonds


Almonds are a hot favourite across the world for their tremendous health benefits, but people rarely know how to consume them. Almonds are best suited when soaked overnight in water and then consumed. Also, you should not eat more than 5-7 pieces daily

3) Dates

The delicious dates contain vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and various kinds of sugars. To reap maximum benefits you must have 2-3 medium size pieces every day.

4) Walnuts


An excellent source of Vitamin E, walnuts are best suited if consumed in moderate quantities. You can have 3-4 halves in your salads, use crushed walnut powder or you can simply snack on them.

5) Peanuts


Peanuts also are widely used in large quantities all over the world. Peanuts contain anti-oxidants, Folate, Manganese and also Vitamin C, and the right quantity to have them is 10-15 nuts.

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