The Truth about Taking Supplements


Today, many people take dietary supplements either prescribed by their doctors or even without prescriptions. But the question is do we really need it? And if we do need it, then how much should we take it?

Technically, the supplements come in a variety of forms like powders, tablets, capsules, etc. and include vitamins, calcium, minerals, iron, probiotics and many more essential nutrients. However, you should opt for taking supplements only if you are not getting enough nutrition from food and are advised by your dietician or doctor to go for it.

Who should take dietary supplements?

1) Pregnant or lactating women

2) Kids and teenagers with unbalanced eating habits

3) Women of childbearing age (need extra calcium and iron)

4) Vegans and Vegetarians

5) Senior citizens

6) Dieters

7) People with eating disorders or health conditions


However, some people use supplements as an excuse to support their bad lifestyle or for not consuming a balanced meal. Let us now consider the side-effects that some supplements can have.

  • Magnesium tablets can interfere with the working of certain cancer drugs or antacids.
  • Vitamin K can intermingle with Coumadin, which is used as a blood thinner.
  • Ginseng can cause internal bleeding when taken together with anticoagulants, and may also cause other side effects.
  • Even calcium can react with heart medicines, antacids and certain diuretics.

Therefore it is always a wise choice to consume supplements cautiously and not do it just to follow the trends.

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