10 Super Fruits for Weight Loss

Credit: Creative Commons/Yosarian

Credit: Creative Commons/Yosarian

If you have put on some weight and it is worrying you constantly, or you have to rush for work without exercise, or is it difficult for you to shed some pounds for a long time… then, you just need to look around… peep into your fruit baskets, and there you find some humble and assured solutions for your weight loss! The Fruits!

Weight can be managed and lessened by maintaining a healthy metabolism, assuring fast digestion, balancing the calorie level and most importantly… by increasing the water intake!

Here are some of the fruits you should eat:

Watermelon  Being a water rich and a low-calorie fruit, it tops the list of fruits which help weight loss.  It contains 30 calories per 100 gram, keeps you hydrated and the amino acid and arginine help largely for burning fats.


Pear- This fruit is rich in Vitamin C, keeps you full as it gets digested slowly. This also controls cholesterol level.

Guava-Fiber contents in guavas help activate metabolic rate which in turn help weight loss.

Oranges- Oranges are negative calorie fruits, having merely 47 calories per 100 grams, they are rich in nutrients and can boost the process of weight loss.


Strawberries- These juicy red berries burn the weight gain hormones named Adiponectin and Leptin. This is why they must be a part of your weight loss diet.

Peach- It is a juicy watery fruit having 89% of water content, and is rich in a fiber which reduces hunger making it a perfect weight loss fruit!

Apples- This mineral and vitamin-rich fruit is the best for overall health and also for losing weight due to its contents.

Blueberries- Being high in antioxidant level, the blueberries prove to be helpful in putting down your weight.


Kiwi– This fruit also is a fiber-rich fruit. It contains insoluble iron which helps in fast digestion and rapid weight loss.

Pomegranate- The bright pomegranate seeds contain arterial lipid which lowers your appetite and increases the blood flow! These qualities make it a super fruit for weight loss!

Hence, if you wish to get slimmer in less time and in a natural way, then your fruits are ready to help you in your endeavour!   

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