Heal from your Belly Button


There are techniques for maintaining health and wellness in every culture. People use acupressure, aromatherapy, etc. to accelerate healing but not many people know about one of the oldest healing sciences in the world, i.e the belly button healing.

Our belly button does many things and is not just restricted to providing nutrients to the foetus in the mother’s womb. Inside the mother’s womb, the navel is the point of contact where we derive our nourishment, however once outside it becomes the point through which our spirit, emotions, the mind can originate.

Read on further to know all about how navel massage and stimulation can help you overcome a variety of ailments.

1) Messaging your belly button can facilitate weight loss. As it has been found that it aids in digestion and at the same time decreases appetite.

2) Stimulating and massaging your navel can help in reducing stress and arouse a feeling of calmness.

3) It can also help in improving your kidney functions.

4) Massaging your belly can strengthen your stomach muscles and can ease pain especially in the back area.

5) It is also said to release toxins from our body and improve overall immunity.

Regular oiling with castor or mustard oil in the navel area can also reduce a variety of problems such as dryness of eyes, pancreas malfunctioning, joint pains, knee pain, weakness and hearing problems etc.

Now we know the importance of the belly button (navel area). Take care of it and never ignore it in the future.

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