Foods that Help in Detoxification


The holidays are over at last and people are slowly but steadily coming back to their daily lives. The holiday food binges leave our health in a sorry state, and therefore to get back to your normal self try our exclusive list of simple food items that may give you wondrous results.

1) Beetroot

Beetroots are touted to be a super food and are always included in Greek salads. The beets contain antioxidant called betalains which aids in repairing and regenerating body cells. You can even include them in your daily smoothies as they also help in maintaining the health of your liver.

2) Garlic

Credit:Creative Commons/Lmbuga

Credit:Creative Commons/Lmbuga

Garlic can be considered to be miracle foods as they are used in curing a variety of ailments. Garlic can liven up the most boring foods into something tasty and at the same time it helps to boost your immune system also.

3) Olive Oil

If you are thinking about detoxification then Olive Oil must be the thing that you should swear by. Olive oil contains relatively less fat content and can also be used in salads, just make sure you don’t use it on high flames.

4) Bananas


Credit: Creative Commons/The Photographer

Bananas are perfect to eat at any time, but if you are into detox then bananas should become your best friends. Having them before your meals will get rid of any bloating that you may have and give you a happy tummy.

5) Artichokes

And last but not the least comes the artichokes which are widely used for their cleansing properties. They help the liver to produce more bile which breaks down the food that we eat so that the nutrients are absorbed better. They also contain protein, fibre, folate, magnesium and potassium.

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