Healthiest Foods for a Fit Body

Credits-Public Domain/congerdesign

Credits-Public Domain/congerdesign

To stay fit is everybody’s mission these days. A demanding schedule, hectic lifestyle and irregularity of exercise often lead to several health problems. Hence it is necessary to take your fitness seriously and start adding a pinch of health in all the routine. Then why not start from your daily diet? Here are some foods which are considered to be as the healthiest and are easily available in our kitchens. Make them a part of your daily meals and head towards making yourselves perfectly fit and healthy.

A lemon contains 100 percent of necessary amount of vitamin C, which helps to increase a good deal of HDL cholesterol levels and contributes in strengthening the bones. Citrus flavonoids resist the growth of cancer cells and are excellent anti-inflammatory agents.


Credits-Creative Commons/Adamjasonmoore

Credits-Creative Commons/Adamjasonmoore

Walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids, which are very helpful in reducing cholesterol, Omega-3s are also beneficial in improving the mood and preventing cancer; besides this Walnuts are also effective in protecting you from sun damage.

 Garlic is known to be a disease fighter which resists the expansion of bacteria. Garlic has Allicin; which is a compound in garlic which works as an anti-inflammatory agent is beneficial for maintaining lower cholesterol and blood-pressure levels ensuring better health.

Credits-Public Domain/ponce_photography

Credits-Public Domain/ponce_photography

Spinach is rich in elements like lutein and zeaxanthin which are the major immune-boosting antioxidants which enhance the health of eyes. Recent research has found that Spinach is one of the most eminent and beneficial vegetables in fighting the cancer.


Credits-Public Domain/floriana_t

Credits-Public Domain/floriana_t

To your surprise…Chocolate is also a health food if consumed in a limited proportion. Consuming just one-fourth of an ounce of chocolate on daily basis can reduces blood pressure. Also, Cocoa powder contains a good amount of flavonoids, antioxidants which reduces the harmful LDL cholesterol and boosts the HDL levels.

Include these foods to your diet and enjoy being fit and healthy all the way through!

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  1. Mrs A Harrison says:

    Do you sell dried unsulphured apricots and/or mixed dried fruit.

    If so could you please give me details of what is available, together with prices (and postal charges)

    Many thanks.

  2. H.E.M Ankle Rehab says:

    I never thought chocolate will make it to the healthy foods list! Including the nuts in your diet is really good for Ankle Sprained condition.

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