How to Take Care of Your Eyes in Diabetes


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Nowadays, the perils created by diabetes are continuously increasing and leading to various other health complexities. One of the major risks of the diabetes is that it causes eye problems like glaucoma, cataract and retinopathy.

We have bought some useful tips which can be used as precautions to avoid eye problems while suffering from diabetes.

Control the Sugar Levels

High blood sugar leads to great risk of eye problems like blurred or hazy vision and can damage the blood vessels in the eyes. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to keep the sugar levels in control through medication, exercise and proper diet.

Keep a Check on your Blood Pressure Levels 

The ideal blood pressure level for a diabetic person is usually less than 140/90.  In order to maintain the blood pressure levels, it is necessary to avoid high salt foods, sugary foods, and processed foods in your daily diet. Also, you will need to stay away from drinks like coffee and tea.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

One of the most important things to do to assure complete health care is to maintain a balanced and wholesome diet. Your diet must contain whole grains, green veggies and fruits and lots of water. High sugar or processed foods must be strictly avoided. Balanced diet should be accompanied with regular exercise for about 30 minutes. This will surely be the best precaution to assure complete health care.

Regular Eye Examinations

You must keep a regular check on your body through tests. In case you experience difficulties like blind spot, double visions, pain in eyes, headache, or hazy vision, then certainly see your doctor without delay. This will help you to deal with the problem at the early stage.

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