Healthy Food for Toddlers

Credit: Public Domain/avitalchn

Credit: Public Domain/avitalchn

Toddlers are the great bundle of joys who have endless energy. But the tricky part is feeding them all the right nutrition that they need to grow their tiny bodies.

Given below are some of the most healthy foods that will ensure your child has a healthy life.


Eggs are great for kids and toddlers as they contain proteins and natural Vitamin D. Protein and Vitamin D combination is great for the bones as they help in calcium absorption. Eggs at breakfast will also make them feel full throughout the day.


Fruits are an obvious choice as they are full of vitamins, minerals and the essential fibre. Just remember not to always serve them their favourite fruit, but to add all kinds of fruits on their plate.


Credit: Creative Commons/Ewan Munro

Credit: Creative Commons/Ewan Munro

Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are especially good for the heart. Omega-3 fatty acids are also good for the brain development of the little ones to make the smarter and sharper.


Cabbages are one of the most hated foods in history, but it is also one of the most nutritious. They are full of phytonutrients which reduce the risk of cancer and also helps to improve digestion. You can make delicious patties and rolls to make them more appetising.


This one will definitely make the kids happy. Cocoa has the highest concentration of flavonoids which is a health enhancer and is good for the blood pressure as well as oral health.

Try to incorporate all these food in your kid’s regular diet and see them blossom through their growing up years.

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