Know More About the Benefits of Beetroot


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Beetroots have been a part of our diet mostly as a salad. But little do we know about the magical properties of this root vegetable which makes it a superfood.

Read more to know about the health benefits of Beetroots.

Helps to maintain Blood Pressure
Beetroot juice is extremely beneficial in maintaining the blood pressure levels. The nitrates content in beetroots is converted into nitric oxide which is useful in relaxing and dilating the blood vessels and enhancing the blood flow.


Beetroot_Juice Credits:Public Domain/Ajale

Benefits for Weight Loss
Beetroot has a high amount of fibre and also is low in calories, which makes it a perfect food for weight loss. The soluble fibres in beetroots help you to reduce fat and also detoxify your body.

Helps in increasing the Stamina
Intake of the beetroot juice before workout leads to 16% longer exercise. It boosts the energy of your body and keeps you going through the hectic schedules.

Fights Cancer
Beetroot contains powerful anti-cancer chemicals and thus should be eaten regularly as a precaution for preventing cancer. The betacyanins and betalains in beetroots are beneficial in preventing health problems and lending overall wellbeing to the body.

Beetroot_Salad Credits:Public Domain/congerdesign

Beetroot_Salad Credits:Public Domain/congerdesign

Prevents Inflammation
Beetroot is rich in Betaine which is a nutrient promoting protection to cells, proteins and enzymes. It also prevents inflammation, guards the internal organs, and keeps us away from several chronic diseases.

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