Best Cooling Foods to Beat the Heat


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Are you wondering how to beat the beat? With the temperature rising every day, the body gets drained out due to which you feel exhausted and fatigued. The best way to beat the heat in hot summers is to consume lots of fresh cooling foods which refresh you and work as a shield against the heat.

Make these foods a part of your daily diet and remain cool in the summers.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

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Coconut water is an amazing coolant and has several health benefits. It contains simple sugars, electrolytes, and the minerals which are necessary for keeping the body hydrated, fresh, and fit.

Have this delicious and juicy fruit crammed with antioxidants and stay cool and hydrated throughout the summers. It is one of the most suggested fruit during summers as it works wonders on your health and prevents you from getting dehydrated.

Lime water
The tasty, simple, and refreshing lime water has loads of health benefits.
Having it chilled is a treat to the taste buds and is a great way to protect from the heat.

Green vegetables

Green Vegetable

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Green vegetables have high water content due to which they must have a place in your daily diet in the summer months. However, do not overcook so as to retain the water content and get the best results.

Curd is an ingredient which is easily available in most kitchens and can be used in several ways. Drink buttermilk, or prepare yummy salads, dips, and desserts made out of curd, and enjoy coping with the heat in a scrumptious way.

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