Should Dinner be Skipped For Better Health or Weight Loss?


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Dieticians have absolute diverse opinions on this subject! Medically it has been proved that skipping dinner is not a good habit. It is advisable to have a properly planned diet at night. Just like an automobile requires gasoline or any other fuel to run, one has to understand that the food is a fuel for the body which nourishes and maintains it. It is also must for any creature on this earth to be alive.  

The unnecessary fear of obesity keeps us away from dinner. One has to keep in mind that none of the body functions stop after the sun set. In fact, the entire body functions 24X7 a day.


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Dinner should be light as compared to the breakfast and lunch, but it is not at all advisable to sleep on an empty stomach. Skipping dinner may work to a certain extent as per the weight-loss plan suggested by the doctor or a dietician. The recent studies at Columbia University show, not only dinner but skipping any meal on a consistent basis without any reason and advice by the experts negatively affect the body’s metabolism and hunger control mechanism.


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Dinner is a very important meal which should never be skipped. Skipping dinner results in a very large gap between your last meal and the next day meal. This may result in voracious hunger, acidity, nausea, blackouts and a disturbed sleep and so on.  Voracious hunger caused due to skipping dinner may lead to eating some junk food or carving for something sweet.

The best way is to maintain a balance. Avoid large, high-sugar or high-fat meal at night, and always have a light, healthy, small dinner every night. You will wake up fresh and full of energy also it will help reduce your weight to a certain extent.

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