Whether You Should Follow the 80/20 Diet or Not?

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We all have specific health needs that work best for us and it’s always good to work around a diet that we can enjoy and also stick to. A sustainable eating-pattern always works better, than a short-term restrictive diet. You’ve probably heard of myriad diet plans like the Atkins diet, Gluten free diet, Vegan, and 80/20 diet. Here are some insights on the 80/20 diet plan.

What is 80/20 diet?
The 80/20 diet implies that you follow healthy eating for about 80% of the time, while 20% of the time you can indulge in your food-cravings like a scrumptious dessert, or ice cream, and pizza. What makes this sustainable? It is the fact that you are not cutting down entirely on your favourite foods and you can indulge in them without guilt.

How to follow?
There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ so it is best to fill your 80% of the plate with veggies, lean proteins, fish, or whole grains that best suit you. And, stick to 20% of the foods that keep you motivated.


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How to keep it sustainable?
It would be beneficial to count the calories consumed. Also, be mindful about indulging in your food cravings, and make sure that you exercise, which helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and facilitates weight loss.

80/20 diet – is it healthy?
The 80/20 diet can be healthy, especially if you maintain a balanced diet. If you have any health concerns, then it is always better to visit your doctor before starting the diet.

Are there any drawbacks?
The concerns are two-fold, which include estimating the portions accurately and categorizing of the 80% (healthy) and 20% (unhealthy) of the food choices. If you are doubtful about categorization you are doing then good is to maintain notes and do some food-logging.

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