How to Make your Child Eat the Greens

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Making your child eat vegetables can be very exasperating for many moms as the kids simply refuse to eat them no matter what. However, to ensure proper nutrition in their diet eating vegetables becomes very essential. Therefore to make this task simple let us explore some fun ways by which we can make the kids have their greens without any fuss.

  • Make the food colourful and interesting

Mix up a variety of vegetables of different colours together to make an interesting assortment.  Try carrots, peas, spinach, some grapes, tomatoes and other colourful fruits and vegetables to make a visually appealing dish. The kids will find it fun and enjoyable.

  • Introduce Early

Remember the sooner you introduce vegetables to your kids the sooner will they develop a taste for them. You can introduce veggies as early as at six months to your baby.

  • Try yummy smoothies

You can also try various colourful vegetable smoothies to tempt your finicky toddlers.  Along with veggies, you can blend in different kinds of berries or yoghurt to give it a distinct flavour.

  • Veggies for the entire family

Children imitate their parents so if the parents are eating vegetables then the kids will also eat them without making a fuss. Also, set some ground rules to be followed at the dinner table.

  • Make a vegetable pasta

Kids love pasta, and you can add your vegetables to it, to make it more healthy. The children will love to have veggie pasta at any time.


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