Healthy Foods to Combat Air Pollution

Healthy Salad

Healthy Salad. Credit: Public Domain

With increasing news and media coverage, the problem of air pollution has been highlighted in recent times. As the government and officials of each country try and combat this calamity, we must try to take care of our own individual health in whatever way we can. Indoor plants, air purifiers or even respiratory masks may be the current popular fad but changing our diet can be a more permanent and frugal option.

Studies have indicated and a lot of research done has shown facts that by eating a healthier diet, the body remains in the optimum condition to fight off any attack, especially the respiratory one caused by the harmful air. The foods that we have written below are common and simple enough to incorporate in the daily food regime.

Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea. Credit: Public Domain

Natural decongestants such as Green Tea are an excellent source to consume when in case of heavy congestion. Not only does it help in respiration, but also aids in weight loss! You can add ginger or lemon for a more pronounced flavour.


Tomatoes, vegetables.

Tomatoes, vegetables. Credit: Public Domain

Almost all of the salads, sandwiches and food preparations nowadays include tomatoes and with good reason! Fresh tomatoes include an antioxidant called lycopene that is most beneficial when fighting against respiratory illness.


Vitamin C is perhaps the most essential and potent anti-oxidant in our body. Citrus packed food items such as lemon; even fruits like oranges must be included in the diet. Not only do they protect the body but also provide Vitamin E regeneration.


Green leafy spinach smoothie.

Green leafy spinach smoothie. Credit: Public Domain

Leafy greens are an essential component of a good diet. Spinach contains omega-3 fatty acids along with phytoestrogens that are rich anti-oxidants. This helps build up a solid wall of protection against asthma.

When the body is fit, it will fight back against anything that causes it harm. Regular exercise and proper hydration are key along with a balanced diet to prevent the damage of air pollution.

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