Top Foods for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meal

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Thanksgiving is quite a popular holiday amongst everyone. You get to enjoy time with family, friends and eat a fantastic meal. So, why not? While many agree that eating on this particular day isn’t necessarily the healthiest, we have written down some common foods and ways that can be incorporated into each family meal very easily.

While the written food items may be healthy and staple dishes in most of the dinners, always keep in mind that moderation is the key to a good health. So even if you sneak in some dessert or drinks, make sure you don’t go overboard. Enjoy!



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A basic roast turkey, a definite staple in the meal consists of very few calories when not slathered with butter and dressing it up in strips of bacon. It contains Vitamin B, zinc and also bone-boosting phosphorus. Dark or light meat doesn’t make a major difference in consumption as long as the skin is removed from the bird.

Sweet Potatoes

These vegetables have just the perfect amount of Vitamins A and C along with a lot of fibre. You can enjoy a much healthier version of this sweet potato casserole by avoiding sugar and butter.

Cranberry Sauce

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Cranberry sauce is perhaps a must-have for all of us when having the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Packed with fibre and Vitamin C, this food item should be added to your festive meal as it also contains several antioxidants which are helpful to prevent cancer.

Green Vegetables

Green foods like Broccoli and Brussel sprouts are popular even for regular consumption. For Thanksgiving, be sure to scoop in an extra portion of the vegetables before filling up the plate with the remaining tempting dishes for an overall balanced and healthy meal.

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