High Fibre Foods that Fight Belly Fat

Belly Fat

New Year has arrived and it is the start of everyone making a conscious effort to get fit and healthy. With people obsessing over their weight and body measurements, a flat and leaner stomach is seen on almost all weight loss programs.

We here are strong supporters of working out and eating right. What better way than to incorporate some easy to find, high fibre food items that help your gut, and also are beneficial to fight off the belly fat and get the abs you desire as you kickstart on the New Year.

Leafy Greens

Besides being an excellent source of proteins and vitamins, leafy greens are also packed with fibre. They also help in de-bloating. If you are on the path to being healthy, adding this to the diet shouldn’t be a problem.


Fish Fry

Fish Fry

For consuming protein or fibre, it doesn’t get easier than fish. Grilled, baked or shallow fried, you can easily consume this with some leafy greens for a healthy and fibrous meal.


Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts

Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and any other nut you can find are excellent sources of fibre for the body. An easy to carry snack the nuts can be eaten in smaller portions as they contain lower abdominal fat than other carb-based snacks.



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Bananas are essentially eaten to de-bloat because of the over processed salty food we may sometimes consume. Sprinkle it with some honey or mix in with the cereal to get your daily fill!


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Up to 9 grams a cup, the berries are loaded with fibre and they contain less natural sugars. Combine that with your health goals, as both these fruit items are equally appetizing as they are filling.

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