Ayurvedic Foods to Protect Against Pollution

Ayurvedic Food

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With increasing rise in pollution, people are trying every conceivable method of trying to combat this deadly problem that has been plaguing the society. Despite modern innovations, it has been studied that fixing what we consume certainly plays a large part in helping fight against pollution.

To cope up with the harmful effect pollution has on our body, we have written about some excellent ayurvedic food items that you can eat to keep your body fit and fighting!

Neem (Indian lilac)

Neem-Indian lilac

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A popular herbal plant, Neem helps absorb the effects of pollutants and also helps detoxify its effects. It has a pleasing fragrance and the leaves can be used to purify the air at home. You can even use this multi-purpose plant for your skincare routine. A bonus!



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Garlic has excellent anti-microbial properties that help protect the body against various pollutants and infections. If you prefer not using daily this while preparing your food, try garlic supplements for better health.



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Possibly the most easily available ingredient, turmeric is indeed a good food item to have. It is often used as a spice, during the preparation of many Indian foods. You can try having it with a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach during the mornings as well!



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If you assumed that ghee was used only in preparing delicious food, you thought wrong! Moderate consumption this delectable food item while either preparing or eating your daily food will help your body fight against pollutants effectively.

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