Top Healthy Foods for Natural Long Hair

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Have you always gazed at the models in the commercial admiring their luscious, healthy locks? When they say, ‘you are what you eat’ it usually rings true. With the rise in the beauty standards, there has begun to be an increase in standards related to hair care.

While there are many hair products on the market which are targeted for specific requirements, we recommend the natural approach. Check out the list of the simple food items you can incorporate into your diet for that healthy mane you always crave for!



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Packed with vitamins A and C, we all know how important they are to keep the body functioning properly. But did you also know deficiency of these green veggies can also lead to dry and brittle hair? Keep that in mind and order up an extra plate of these green delicacies.



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They contain the essential fats required by our body and consuming them in moderate amounts adds oil in the hair follicles and also helps stimulate hair growth.



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Have you always wanted healthy, shiny hair? Eat some carrots! Carrots contain vitamin A which helps in sebum production which allows for the healthy sheen on the hair.



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To all the meat lovers this one is specifically for you to keep in mind. Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and iron are not only good for the body but also eating this fish can also help prevent a dry and itchy hair scalp.

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