Top Healthfoods behind Natural Indian Beauty

India beauty

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Who says you can’t eat your way to natural beauty? Healthy whole foods are not only beneficial to the body, but they have also played a role in maintaining the natural Indian beauty that we often envy.

Indian actresses practice the way of a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep, exercise and maintaining a well-balanced diet. Read more to find out how you can eat for a healthy body and naturally beautiful skin.



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This is perhaps the most versatile food ingredient that benefits the body, internally as well as externally. It is loaded with Vitamin C and is a majorly used in almost all Indian skincare products. Lemon juice not only helps in weight loss, but the juice can be applied to lighten dark lines and stretch marks on the body.



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This Indian spice is known to improve the complexion and brighten up the skin and avoid dullness. Applying a paste of milk and saffron to the sunburnt skin can help reduce the tan as well.



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In India, besides having antiseptic properties, turmeric is used to naturally remove facial hair and give the skin a clean, natural glow. That is one the main reasons you will find turmeric being applied to the bride and groom before their wedding.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

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It is a natural moisturiser and helps in hydrating and stimulating the blood when applied to the skin, for a healthy glow and also to prevent dark rings around the eyes.

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