Eating Oatmeal – Good or Bad?


With the increasing awareness in leading a healthy lifestyle and looking fit, a lot of people are turning to diets and making necessary changes in their eating habits. Likewise, oatmeal, while regarded as being a staple for weight loss should be taken with caution and necessary.

We see a lot of people on social media or news outlets promoting the use of oatmeal in their diet and stressing the importance of having an oatmeal breakfast for being fit. But the question remains, is it good or bad?



Without a doubt, oats are beneficial for having a well-balanced diet, especially if you are looking to reduce some weight as they are essentially whole grains. Besides the number of vitamins and minerals present, this food group also contains antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and iron. The main benefit is that it helps prevent the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Oats also contain a soluble fibre, which helps maintain blood sugar levels and tricks the body into being full for a longer duration so that you don’t immediately eat more food.



Similar to any food item, portion size and how it is prepared it very important in terms of health, especially if you are consuming it for weight loss or keeping your weight in check. Because of its bland taste, oatmeal is often mixed with sugar or something savoury to make the bland taste more appetizing. However, this process completely reverses the nutritional gains that you can get by only eating oats.

Similarly, instant oatmeal is considered a godsend especially for all the busy bees wanting a quick breakfast, as normal oats take an hour to cook. You must always check the nutritional value on the packet to see if it contains added flavours, salt or sugar.

However, even if you are planning a healthy food diet change, be sure to check it out with a doctor and a nutritionist as they may recommend something which will be helpful for your particular body type and body function. Remember, not everyone gets the same result with the same food.

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