Top Vegetarian Health Foods for Weight Loss

Credit :CC0 Creative CommonsWhoever said that being vegetarian cannot help in weight loss was clearly wrong! With people being more conscious regarding their diet preferences because of moral and ethical values, vegetarian food options are becoming a popular choice for getting you back to shape.

Read more to find out these simple vegetarian food options that are not only filling and healthy, but also provide the necessary nutrients to help you lose those pesky pounds!

Legumes and Pulses

Credit :CC0 Creative CommonsThese items are a must in almost all vegetarian Indian dishes. Packed with nutrients like fibre, protein and zinc they are the perfect addition to vegetarians and gym enthusiasts. No need to added protein powders when you can add an extra food serving.


Credit :CC0 Creative CommonsQuinoa is actually an edible seed (a flowering plant in the amaranth family) that is eaten as a whole grain. It is gluten-free, high in protein and checks off all the boxes for being completely healthy. Filled with antioxidants, it keeps your blood sugar under control and helps you feel full. A must-have in your meal plan for weight loss!

Nuts and seeds

Credit :Flickr/Marco VerchAnother easy addition to a healthy diet is by starting off your day or having a small snack with almonds and walnuts. Not only do they contain protein and fibre but also essential fats. So be sure to consume them in adequate portions.


Credit :Flickr/George Wesley & BonitaPaneer is a popular food option in the Indian household. This health food is high in protein and helps you maintain your appetite and weight by keeping you full. However, be sure to try the healthy low fat paneer made from cow’s milk for the best results.

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