Try Out the Top 5 Healthy Native American Foods

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Traditional American foods are rich in antioxidants and with fibre loaded beans. This colourful palate of dishes, especially eaten during Thanksgiving contains some healthy food ingredients that you can use in your daily food diet as well. Get into the spirit and enjoy a piece of the Native American culture by trying some of these amazing health foods into your dishes.


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Who says dessert has to be packed with calories? This sweet treat serves up healthy portions of fibre, vitamins, minerals and also protect you against the stroke. You can have the berries as a snack during the day.


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This nutritious and multi-vitamin packed health food also serves as a fuel. You can try having corn as a snack, or as a main dish or on the side to have a healthy filling meal. You can have it raw, roasted, and even use it in soups and salads and wraps.


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Possibly the most filling and healthy ingredient, the beans are rich in essential fats, B vitamins, folic acid and also potassium. Use these power-packed beans in soups, salads and even burritos and tacos.


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Not usually used as a daily ingredient in cooking, mushrooms have a ton of antioxidants with molecules that help prevent and lower cholesterol and heart disease. Stir fry some and add it in your salads for a quick snack!


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A perfect balance of vitamins and antioxidants, the pumpkin can easily be used in a variety of healthy dishes as it can help prevent diabetes.

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