Top Foods to Try When You Have Kidney Stone

Credit :CC0 Creative CommonsWith the latest diet changes and fad diets, kidney stones can often be a problem for people changing into a different lifestyle. While many assume suffering from kidney stones is because of poor water intake, there are several causes and also food solutions for this problem.

While we recommend going to a doctor and getting the proper advice regarding the diet, supplements and cause of kidney stone, we have mentioned some food items that you can consume when you are suffering from kidney stones.


Credit :CC0 Creative Commons Possibly the easiest natural substance you can find that contains insoluble fibre are tomatoes. They have the high amounts of fibre and help cleanse bowels and dilute the stones to help them pass easily. They are also easily available and can be used in all recipes!


Credit :Flickr/George Wesley & Bonita D Herbs, especially basil leaves are excellent for kidney stones. They are naturally good at helping your kidneys function properly. You can blend it with water, or have lemon juice with basil leaves to strengthen your internal organs.


Credit :CC0 Creative CommonsBeans and legumes, especially kidney beans have the highest amount of insoluble fibre. You can also try and include black eye peas, chickpeas, lima beans and also pinto beans to help in bowel movement.

Whole Grains

Credit :Flickr/Oscar Rich in insoluble fibres, eating whole grains can help making the passing of stones much easier. You can try incorporating whole grains like corn and oatmeal into your meal plan in a limited portion for good results.

Aside from the above, you can also incorporate regular consumption or water, fruits and vegetables in balanced proportion to avoid ever having stones again.

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  1. Ahaan says:

    Don’t know whether it works or not. Would recommend this foods to one of my friend who have kidney stone.

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