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With fitness becoming more of a lifestyle rather than a trend, people are resorting to all possible measures to make sure they keep up with the health-conscious lifestyle, not only to look good but to also feel good. This is another top reason for the hike in the different types of diets that have come up over the recent years.

The Ketogenic diet, also commonly known as the Keto diet is a rather popular diet that has been favoured by celebrities and a large number of people as well. This diet, unlike others, does not focus on cutting down fat but rather increasing the fat content you consume.

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That does not mean you stuff your face with pizza and burgers! The Keto diet mainly focuses on the consumption of necessary fats required for the body, all while limiting the carbohydrate and sugar content that you normally have. On this diet, you are required to consume moderate amounts of protein like paneer, chicken or fish and feeding it with essential fats for the body like cheese, coconut oil, olive oil, even dried fruits as snacks!

Essentially due to the low carbohydrate intake, the food starts producing ketones in the body thus, using the body glucose to get the required energy and in turn becoming very efficient in burning fat. The diet also causes an increase in the ‘ketones’ which benefit in the reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels. A typical Keto diet meal plan includes 70% – 80% of fats, 20%-25% of protein and nearly 5%-10% of carbohydrates. Drinks containing sugars are also prohibited during this diet. And while this diet is all in rage during this time, we do recommend visiting a doctor before thinking of beginning and also not trying it for too long and gradually shifting to a more balanced diet. Always remember, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with a healthy diet!

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