Two-Meals-a-Day to Reduce Obesity and Diabetes


mealIt is no doubt, that weight loss boosts a healthy lifestyle. And, if you are a Type 2 diabetic, then weight control can essentially lead to better control over blood sugar levels. You may have already discovered quite a few weight loss regimes, but the 2-Meals-A-Day plan assures scientifically recognised health benefits. So, what is ‘two-meals-a-day’?

The “Two-meals-a-day” focuses on either breakfast-and-lunch or lunch-or-dinner meals. So, this would imply a daily 16-hour fasting period, which implies that you burn, stored body fat for energy, instead of becoming dependent on sugars from food. Eventually, this would mean you can put an end to eating three meals plus one to two snacks a day.

Wait, wasn’t it mentioned ‘scientifically recognised’? Yes, you are right, the diet plan is reiterated by researchers from the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague, highlighting that the two-a-day followers experienced a greater decrease in body mass index. And, Dr Jagannath Dixit, Indian social medicine professor and brand ambassador for tackling obesity and diabetes further supports the two-meals-a-day diet plan. Dixit claims that the plan is not only effective with weight loss but also helps with controlling diabetes and reversal of diabetes. Now, that’s good enough reason for trying out this premise, right?

Here are a few tips to follow as a part of the premise:

Jot down the time of the day when you get really hungry. So, you may find that you have a pattern of 9 am and 6 pm or the pattern of 1 pm and 9 pm. The simple tip is to adjust your two meals to your hunger pattern.


  • There is no need to follow any restriction on foods.
  • You can eat whatever you are eating, but only eat two times a day.
  • Remember, to avoid using sugar substitutes as it could lead to secretion of insulin.
  • What should one do, if one is hungry in between? Take buttermilk or coconut water.
  • Monitor your weight every 15 days (using the same weighing machine).

Finally, you can see the visible results by following the simple ‘two-meals-a-day’ formulae and the good part – it would definitely not burn-a-hole in your pocket!!



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