Healthy Foods in the Kitchen You Must Have

There’s nothing better than starting off the New Year on the right foot, especially when it comes to the goal of being fit for the year. You can start this by taking a well-needed trip to the supermarket and cleaning the entire kitchen off any junk food. Continue reading

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Healthy Foods for a Lucky New Year


It’s nearly time for the New Year! Are you in a fix because you want to go to the New Year party but don’t want to fall off your healthy eating spree? You can now eat clean, and if you want some lady luck to drop by in the New Year we have health food tips for you.

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Tips for Eating Healthy during Christmas

It’s Christmas time! The festival of giving is here, and what better way to celebrate this beloved season than to attend and host parties! Being healthy and staying true to your diet can be hard, but you can enjoy this festival with some small tips that will make sure that you are not miserable during the holidays. Continue reading

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Healthy Foods to Eat During Winter

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad. Credit: Flickr / Paul Saad

Winter is here, and so is the time for Christmas and New Year festivities. Celebrating this season with some of the best comfort foods is almost a tradition. However, while we do agree that drinking hot chocolate and eating warm cookies with milk is unavoidable, it should not be overdone.

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Top Foods for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meal

Credit: Flickr / Ian Freimuth

Thanksgiving is quite a popular holiday amongst everyone. You get to enjoy time with family, friends and eat a fantastic meal. So, why not? While many agree that eating on this particular day isn’t necessarily the healthiest, we have written down some common foods and ways that can be incorporated into each family meal very easily.

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Healthy Foods to Combat Air Pollution

Healthy Salad

Healthy Salad. Credit: Public Domain

With increasing news and media coverage, the problem of air pollution has been highlighted in recent times. As the government and officials of each country try and combat this calamity, we must try to take care of our own individual health in whatever way we can. Indoor plants, air purifiers or even respiratory masks may be the current popular fad but changing our diet can be a more permanent and frugal option. Continue reading

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What is healthier? Egg White vs Egg Yolk


One of the easiest, quickest and healthiest breakfast options anywhere in the world is probably an egg. Packing a punch with proteins, the consumption of this food item is marked with a lot of controversies. Should it be eaten whole? Continue reading

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Best Foods to Boost Brain Power

Credit: Public Domain

Just as we consume foods to purify the blood, and add certain food groups in our diet to make our skin look good, we must also not forget our brain. Essentially the most vital organ of our body, the brain has a lot to offer. And when you take care of the brain, you are taking care of all the mental problems that come associated with it.

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Top Foods for Natural Blood Purification

The main task of taking care of the body is done with the help of blood. It is the most important component of the body that ensures all the organs get the required nutrients and oxygen, and that the waste and carbon dioxide from the cells are properly disposed of from the body. Mainly, the health of an individual is largely dependent on their blood. Also, in terms of beauty, if your insides are not healthy, it will reflect on your skin as well.

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Food Rich in the Essential Iron Content

Are you feeling restless, have no energy, suffer from headaches and shortness of breath and are always irritable? Then you might be suffering from a deficiency of iron which is a vital nutrient for smooth bodily function. Continue reading

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