Food to Boost your Stamina

Credit: Public Domain

Credit: Public Domain

In the present competitive world, we have to do so many things and accomplish so many tasks all in one day. Have a look at five nutritious foods that can help in increasing your stamina and build energy in very less time. Continue reading

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Take Care of Your Health During Ramadan

Credit: Public Domain/ambroochizafer

Credit: Public Domain/ambroochizafer

The sacred month of Ramadan is that time of the year when billions of Muslims all over the world unite to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran. People fast during the daytime for 29-30 days and have two meals, one before dawn (suhoor) and another after sunset (Iftar). Continue reading

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Stay Away from the Unhealthy Foods

Iced Tea

Ice Tea Credits: Public Domain/StockSnap

A healthy body needs a balanced diet, and to do so, you need to be aware of the foodstuffs that should be included in the diet and foods which should be strictly avoided. To make your task a bit simpler, we have listed down some foods which can prove as hurdles in maintaining your health. Continue reading

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Why should you Include Olives to your Diet?

Olives in Tomato quiche.

Olives in Tomato quiche. Credit: Public Domain/RitaE

Olives are a superfood which should necessarily be included in daily diets for maintaining a healthy body. Continue reading

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Nutritious Herbs for a Healthy Platter


Basil Credit: Public Domain/tookapic

Add some herbs to your diet to improve your health which are easily available and can be grown in the tiny pots of your terraces and are rich sources of useful nutrients. Find out more about these humble herbs which can add both flavour and health to your diet. Continue reading

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Best Cooling Foods to Beat the Heat


Credit : Public Domain / Congerdesign

Are you wondering how to beat the beat? With the temperature rising every day, the body gets drained out due to which you feel exhausted and fatigued. The best way to beat the heat in hot summers is to consume lots of fresh cooling foods which refresh you and work as a shield against the heat. Continue reading

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Bad Habits That Slows Down Your Metabolism

Credit: Public Domain/PublicDomainPictures

Credit: Public Domain/PublicDomainPictures

You may have heard people blaming their weight gain or loss on their metabolism. Metabolism is the most basic process that takes place in our body continuously to break down the food into energy. It depends mostly on our lifestyle and the food habits that we have. Continue reading

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Best Foods to Fight Pimples


AcneSkin Credits: Public Domain/Kjerstin_Michaela

A healthy, clear skin is everybody’s dream. Especially teenagers and young adults are anxious about skin related problems and try to maintain glowing skin in every way. However, skin problems like pimples, acne, and pigmentation may cause a little worry and hamper the glow.  But, did you know that there are some magical foods which are easily available in your kitchen, which will help you to reduce pimples and other skin related issues and moreover give a natural glow and an enduring health to your skin. Continue reading

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Know More About the Benefits of Beetroot


Credits:Public Domain/Desertrose7

Beetroots have been a part of our diet mostly as a salad. But little do we know about the magical properties of this root vegetable which makes it a superfood. Continue reading

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Healthy Food for Toddlers

Credit: Public Domain/avitalchn

Credit: Public Domain/avitalchn

Toddlers are the great bundle of joys who have endless energy. But the tricky part is feeding them all the right nutrition that they need to grow their tiny bodies.

Given below are some of the most healthy foods that will ensure your child has a healthy life. Continue reading

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